About Us

 We are Pho Phong Luu, Pho Restaurant, Asian Vietnamese Restaurant.

Pho Phong Luu, Noble Pho is where cultures and cuisine come together. We provide a fresh new menu with authentic recipes that produce exquisite tastes. Our main focus is on the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup famously known as Phở. The most important element about Phở is the broth. Our broth is always made with passion, love, and care that is simmered for hours and flavored with all the necessary dried and fresh spices, and a touch of some family secret ingredients. A dish that can be enjoyed at all times of the day, Phở cleverly provides all the necessary nourishment in one convenient bowl. It is THE soup to eat. Pho Phong Luu is the place for a healthy and delectable dining experience.

We guarantee our Phở will take you on a trip to Vietnam after the first wholesome bite.  Enjoy our authentic, tasty dishes and have the best experience at a very reasonable price!

We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy family-style restaurant!

Enjoy your life with Noble Pho!


Take you to Vietnam by Rice Noodle savor. 

Only Pho Phong Luu!